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High cholesterol is a major risk factor for Heart disease and Stroke -Test your cholesterol profile for just AED 99

What is a lipid profile blood test?
lipid profile measures blood levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, 
HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Cholesterol. 
The body uses cholesterol to help build cells and produce hormones.

How do I improve my lipid profile?
You can take action to improve your lipid profile to help reduce your risk of heart disease.
Stop smoking. Smoking lowers your HDL, (“good”) cholesterol level. ...
Change the way you Eat. Low-fat, low-cholesterol eating benefits all your lipid levels.
Lose weight if necessary. ...
Start exercising.

How long do you need to fast for a lipid panel?
Generally you're required to fast, consuming no food or liquids other 
than water, for nine to 12 hours before the test. Some cholesterol tests 
don't require fasting, so follow the instructions provided by your doctor

Whom to do these tests?
-People around 40 yrs
-Obesity with BMI of above 30
-Diabetes/Hypertension/Heart disease
-Family h/o high cholesterol or heart disease

What to be done?
It includes Total choleterol,TG,LDL,VLDL and HDL.
TC,TG,LDL and VLDL are bad cholesterol which increses blood vessel 
narrowing by its deposition.
HDL is a good cholesterol which removes cholestrol deposition from blood vessels.
It should be above 40 mg/dL for Men and above 50 mg/dl for women
Total cholesteol/HDL
Non HDL are some of the important parameters obtained from these profile

How often to be done?
Every 3-4 months depends upon the patient condition

How to correct abnormal values?
Good life style with proper diet and exercise
and if necessary Statins or Fenofibrates
 are some treatment methods

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