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Khaleej Times on Dr. George Kaliaden’s Book – Moulding Your Child

What do psychologists recommend as an alternative to scolding, spanking and other forms of punishment? How do we modify teenage behaviour and re-motivate them toward higher levels of success? These are common problems faced today by several parents.

Dubai-based psychologist Dr George Kaliaden’s book ‘Moulding your Child: Psychological Techniques for Effective Parenting’, was released at the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) on Thursday.

The book provides practical solutions to parents and helps them keep their hopes alive in the face of many challenges of the post-modern children’s world of gaming and cyber-communities, especially those living in the UAE. The know-how that the author shares with parents is based on his training in Behavioural Psychology and on his 25 years’ training experience with teenagers, children and families.

“Today’s children live in two communities at the same time: Real community like family and virtual communities of the cyber-world, inter-linked by instant messaging and social media interactions,” said Dr Kaliaden.

He added: “Most parents are not even aware of this ‘global space’, where their parenting and formation takes place, nor do they have the preparedness or adequate skills to deal with such a complex parenting environment, especially of teenagers.”

According to the psychologist, only when the child’s behaviour gets worse despite best efforts, many parents might feel like giving up, and parents are always under pressure to explore and find new ways of managing child behaviour. “This is where the book becomes valuable for discerning parents. The relevance of this practical handbook comes mainly from the structured, solution-focused approach. It leads parents step-by-step in the difficult task of behaviour management,” he added.

The book’s three sections Identifying Behavioral Problems, The Science of Human Behavior and, Solution-focused Parenting provide step-by-step instruction on modifying child behaviour.

Topics like freedom and control, legal implications of performance modification and ‘Empathic Discipline in Schools,’ gives new insights on behavioural issues faced by families and institutions as well. The new approach to disciplining is recommended for teachers and school administrators to reduce detention, suspension and other punitive methods.

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