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Press Release – “MOULDING YOUR CHILD” The Book is to be launched on November 9 Thursday at 9 pm

PRESS RELEASE        Dated: Nov.6, 2017

From Dr George Kaliaden, PhD. Psychologist,                                                                     We Care Medical Centre, Karama, Dubai  050-6524285         


The Book is to be launched on November 9 Thursday at 9 pm by Dr Anbu Ganeshan, Medical Director, We Care Medical Center. First copy to be received by Mr Mohan Kumar, External Affairs Executive, Sharjah International Book Fair.

Venue:  SIBF    Sharjah :   Hall 7, Consilium Institute – Stall ZA 6.                                            Contact: Karan Bhat 050-1497142



“MOULDING YOUR CHILD”                                                                                                   

How do we improve our child’s behavior? What do psychologists recommend as an alternative to scolding, spanking and other forms of punishment? How do we modify teenage behavior and re-motivate them toward higher levels of success? These are the common problems faced today by many parents.

The Dubai-based psychologist, Dr George Kaliaden’s  book “MOULDING YOUR CHILD: Psychological Techniques for Effective Parenting” gives practical solutions to parents and helps them keep their hopes alive in the face of many challenges of the post-modern children’s world of gaming and cyber-communities.  The book will be launched at the Sharjah International Book Fair on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 9 pm ( Hall 7, Stall ZA 6 – Consilium Institute).

The earlier edition of the book published in Bombay by Better Yourself Books was accepted with great enthusiasm by parent-teacher communities in India and abroad. It was translated into Arabic and was published by Sharjah Government ( Supreme Council for Childhood). The Urdu edition was published by the support from National Council for Urdu Literature in New Delhi.

Today’s children live in two communities at the same time: real community like family and virtual communities of the cyber-world, inter-linked by instant messaging and social media interactions.  Most parents are not even aware of this “global space” where their parenting and formation takes place, nor do they have the preparedness or adequate skills to deal with such a complex parenting environment, especially of teenagers.

Law on parenting and behavior management has changed globally in the past three decades. Now we have clearer legal /ethical guidelines on what are legally acceptable practices in the case of disciplining of children in homes and schools.  New laws have been enacted by many countries defining unlawful disciplining methods.  Parenting and teaching have been placed under scrutiny by various agencies whose mandate is to protect children’s rights.  Under this new legal system, parents simply cannot beat up a child with impunity under the pretext of discipline. Therefore it has become imperative for parents to search for better, effective and scientifically valid methods for managing our children’s behavior that are in compliance with UN conventions as well as national and local laws governing parenting and disciplining. In this “changed world”, many parents find it difficult to choose the right course of action for effectively dealing with behavior problems. Many are at their wit’s end, especially when it comes to teenagers. It is not easy to keep trying when their hands are tied and the results are not encouraging.

Says Dr Kaliaden: “When the child’s behavior only gets worse despite all your good intentions and best efforts, many parents might feel like giving up. But they simply cannot; parents can never cease to be parents, no matter how bad the child’s behavior is and how complex the life situation is. Parents are under pressure to explore

and find new ways of managing child behavior. This is where a book like “MOULDING YOUR CHILD” becomes valuable for discerning parents.  The relevance of this practical handbook comes mainly from the structured, solution-focused approach.  It leads parents step-by step in the difficult task of behavior management.

The book has three sections:

1) Identifying Behavioral Problems;

2) The Science of Human Behavior and

3) Solution-focused Parenting.

Topics like freedom and control, legal implications of behavior modification and “Empathic Discipline in Schools” gives new insights on behavioral issues faced by families and institutions. The new approach to disciplining is recommended for teachers and school administrators in order to reduce detention, suspension and other punitive methods. Our educational system needs to become more student-entered rather than system-centred. In Dr Kaliaden’s opinion, ‘the time has come for our existing style of disciplining to be reviewed and, if necessary, replaced by a new model based on inclusive empowerment’.  Under this model of “Empathic Discipline”, the child is seen as a product of his genetic and environmental vicissitudes which are beyond his/her control. Therefore no child or teenager is rejected or condemned as “bad” or “beyond repair.”

Dr Kaliaden’s step-by-step procedure is easy to follow and leads parents toward reliable, predictable, positive results.  The knowhow that the author shares with parents is based on his training in Behavioral Psychology and on his 25 years consulting / training experience with teenagers, children and families. The Learning Theory approach adapted in this book might seem rather strange to many parents as it deviates from the existing presuppositions about the human mind. But this approach helps parents maintain objectivity and a scientific mindset while managing the child’s behavior.  Techniques for shaping of positive behaviors (chaining, modeling, stimulus  discrimination ) and methods for getting rid of unwanted “bad” behavior ( extinction, time out, response cost, etc.) may turn out to be the solutions that many parents are looking for.   It may give a big relief to parents who has been frustrated and are searching for a “magical right formula” for behavior management.

Dr Kaliaden as conducted numerous parenting workshops and have initiated a training program for teenagers  ( Teenager Dynamic® ) which has completed 155 workshops  since 1994.  This transformational program is now internationally acclaimed as one of the models for holistic personal growth training ( see Chapter 12 of Palgrave Macmillan’s Book  “Mental Health and Psychological Practice in the United Arab Emirates, 2015).

Meet the Author at:   Hall 7, Consilium Institute – Stall ZA 6.  Contact: 050-6524285.

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