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Positive Psychology for Better Quality of Life

Positive Psychology for Better Quality of Life
© Dr George Kaliaden,PhD- We Care Medical Center

Only the wisest among us would discover the value of positive psychology in our lives and recognize its role in enhancing our efficiency well-being and overall quality of life. Psychology can help us improve many aspects of our life: academics, career, marital partnership, family life and social relationship. But in our communities the positive role of psychology is hardly understood by people.

Psychologists help you enhance your efficiency: Treating for depression and other psychological disturbance is only one part of the psychologist’s work. Facilitating the client’s personal growth is an equally important kind of service that psychologists provide.

Improved Performance: Many teenagers and college students consult a psychologist to improve their performance from the present level to a higher level. This is achieved by acquiring new skills and techniques under the guidance of the psychologist. Many students with high I.Q and potential often get mediocre marks. In many cases this is because of certain psychological factors that block their optimal performance. These intra-psychic factors include attention and concentration, memory problems, anxiety and other emotional issues. Sometimes students begin to perform better when parents are trained in better behavior management strategies and in motivational psychology. By clearing the negative factors ( psychological and situational), counselors can lead the student to higher levels of personal effectiveness. Psychologists also conduct training programs for improving their skills:
academic, social, emotional, relationship, etc.

Quality of Marital Relationship: Many couples come to the psychologist to enhance the quality of their married life. Better awareness of each other’s personality, better communication skills, better expression of emotions etc. are some of the elements in couple therapy. A male or female partner might experience psycho-sexual problems that affect their marital life. Many such conditions like psychogenic erectile dysfunction may be caused by conditioned anxiety. These can be treated by psychotherapeutic procedures.

Decision to Marry or to Separate: It is a good idea to take professional advice before making major decisions of life like choosing a marital partner or going for separation. Sometimes there are questions regarding the partner’s behavior or attitudes which can be answered only by a diagnostic understanding. The correct understanding of the problem situation will clear many confusions, and
prevent impulsive, emotional decision-making.

Efficiency at work and Better Interpersonal relations: Personality factors or skill levels may affect one’s efficiency and productivity at work. A highly qualified employee may turn out to be a poor performer due to these psychological limitations or barriers. Their career growth may be stunted due to these personal factors. An experienced psychologist can help identify and treat these critical factors that affect one’s career and professional development. Executive coaching, mentoring and soft skills development
are some of the methods used for improving personal effectiveness and organizational efficiency.

Effective Parenting and Behavior Management: Psychologists can help parents adapt more efficient scientific methods of managing children’s behavior. Workshops on parenting skills and parent-child communication can help families avoid many conflicts and other damaging consequences of harmful parenting styles. Books and other learning materials on parenting are made available in many languages
to facilitate better parenting practices.

Teenage Guidance and Personal Growth Training: Intensive personal development programs are the quickest methods of bringing about transformational change by coaching in important skills. Three or four days of training and counseling program can facilitate significant positive change.

Psychological Health: Problems treated by psychologists: Apart from the above positive factors, psychologists also address common mental health issues and behavioral problems, some of which are listed below:

Depression or state of severe sadness following some event or personal setback.

Anxiety or persisting fear that affects one’s normal functioning
Phobias or conditioned fears of specific objects, situations, people etc. including social phobia

Panic attack or sudden onset of extreme fear that manifests in the form of physical symptoms
like palpitation, breathlessness, sweating, aches and pains etc. ( leading to avoidance of feared
situations or activities)

Fear of air travel, driving, heights, crowded places, closed spaces, etc.

Tension headache and other bodily pains ( sensations) with no underlying medical condition or
physical pathology.

Hysterical fainting and other neurotic symptoms without any underlying neurological causes.

Self-injurious behavior or suicidal ideation / attempt

Uncontrollable anger and aggressive behavior

Addictive behavior: addiction to alcohol, tobacco, internet, mobile games etc.

School refusal, refusing to go to work, avoidant behavior, irresponsible life style, etc

Toxic relationships leading to personal, moral, financial and relationship crisis.

Psychological trauma due to child abuse, marital violence and other shocking life events.

Note: At We Care Medical Center we follow a brief therapy model, aiming at producing significant
positive outcomes in a short period through carefully planned sessions. Cases referred by doctors are
reported back along with objective evaluation of the results. Cases that need to be reviewed / treated
by psychiatrists are referred at the earliest. *Dr George Kaliaden is an experienced psychologist serving
at We CARE Medical Cente. Karama, Dubai 04-2611961 Mobile: 050-6524285.

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